We focus together into building up reliable connection abroad and help abolish the national issue of unemployment in coming days. Moreover, the company visions to deport potential Nepali manpower to best of International Employers in possible Gulf Countries via our abroad future counterparts.


We organize our responsibilities to bond a connection between screened, shortlisted and deserving candidates to reputed and responsible employers and ensure both the parties gets best of service and facilities from each other. The Service we provide is found to be cost effective and value added a per the market analysis. The solo intention is to maintain market good will, brand and sale ability of the company among the concerned group.

AsiaLink Services

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Asia Link Services Pvt. Ltd

Ministry of Industry & Commerce
Office of the Company Registrar
Company Registration No: 9010/055/056

Ministry of Labour & Employment
Department of Foreign Employment
Govt. License No: 119/055/056

Ministry of Finance
Department of Internal Revenue
PAN No: 500189083

Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies

Mr. Meelan Kattel (Chairman)
Mobile No.: +977-9851021756

Mr. K.B Tej (Vice-Chairman)
Mobile No.: +977-9818164668

Mr. Yogendra Basnet (General Manager)
Mobile No.: +977-9814959528

Authorized - 10 Million Nepalese Rupees
Paid-Up - 5 Million Nepalese Rupees
Issued - 7.5 Million Nepalese Rupees

Prime Bank Limited

Nilam Gautam

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+977 1 4112801

Asia Link Services has been genuinely successful in pursuing and developing a feasible business relationship with highly reputed overseas organisation. We mobilized unskilled to hgihly skilled Nepalese manpower to different parts of the world.


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